Julie Strange creates unique, refined interiors that are expressive of her client’s style and vision. Julie believes in creating personal relationships with her clients as the foundation for any good design work. By establishing these relationships, she is able to design spaces that are reflective of personal tastes, lifestyle and preferences of her clients. Her eye for detail and passion for personalization are the keys to her professional success.

Julie’s energy and character do not go unnoticed, as Richmond Magazine has described her as a “splash of personality,” which is present in all of her projects. Her talented decorating skills, paired with her warm personality make decorating your home engaging and enjoyable.

Julie resides in Richmond, Virginia with her husband, three daughters, son-in-law, and three dogs.

“Julie completely listens to the client and brings in design elements that she thinks her client will love. She allows you to provide input throughout the design process, and she listens to your needs so that she can provide you even better ideas and options!”
—Maria Thompson, Client